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Alan Brookstone

This is an interesting article that speaks to the issue of usability of EMR/EHR in the exam room.

"When brought into the exam room, computers act as a kind of third member in the relationship between doctor and patient, concludes a study published in Annals of Family Medicine. Whether the computer enhances or weakens the relationship depends both on how easy it is to use and how skilled physicians are in making use of it.

Physicians were often conflicted between recording data in the EHR [electronic health record] and giving patients one-on-one attention, wrote the study's authors, led by William Ventres of Multnomah County Health Department in Portland, Ore." Link: EHRs Enter Patient-Doctor Relationships.

Link: Physicians, Patients, and the Electronic Health Record: An Ethnographic Analysis -- Ventres et al. 4 (2): 124 -- Annals of Family Medicine.

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